Day 3 – Richmond to Baltimore


I think this has been my favorite day so far! Not only was the drive a short 5.5 hours today, but it has some cool twisties, great food and an awesome evening event.

The day started at the Richmond International Raceway (yep, another track). We did all the usual morning stuff of raffles, breakfast, and buying tshirts. When it came time for a lap around the track it was Nick’s turn to drive. It’s a shame he left the lens cap on his GoPro :/ We started on our route afterwards, blasting Holiday Road (from the Vacation movies) as is tradition anytime we leave the morning event.

Our drive today took us through relaxing curves and hills in the Virginian equestrian back country. Nick and I were towards the beginning to head out because the other days it seems we were too late to everything and they keep running out of free stuff! Today though we were in the front of the pack and arrived before the big crowd to the mid route Surprise and Delight stop, a distillery seemingly in the middle of no where. Nick loved his butterscotch moonshine tasting, I did not care for my peach one though.






Perhaps the highlight of my day was dinner. I had one request on this trip – to eat crab in Baltimore. After we arrived in downtown Baltimore and checked into the hotel we walked to Phillips Seafood Crab Deck where I enjoyed a half dozen steamed blue crab, seasoned deliciously. Nick helped with a few legs but I devoured quite a bit of crab. Check out me in my happy place:




Full of crab, we headed to the evening event at the B&O Railroad Museum. Food, music and free beer, wine and unlimited mixed drinks were offered alongside old trains to look at and explore. It was a cool venue and I even got to dance the cha cha slide with some fellow motorists đŸ˜‰




I received quite the sunburn today so it was back to the hotel at 10:00 to prepare for tomorrow! Motor on!



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