Day 4 – Baltimore to Pittsburgh

Today was a tiring one! We did get a chance to sleep in a bit as the morning event, located at Camden Yards Sports Park, started a bit later.



The route was full of curves and awesome backroads again and we were amazed at how green it was once we entered Pennsylvania. The mid day Surprise and Delight took us to Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum & Candy Emporium where our free treat was a pound of candy in a take out box! We saw a huge collection of toy elephants and lots and lots of candy.



Some other awesome sights today included a drive through historic Gettysburg! It was neat to see the fields where all those Civil War battles took place and Gettysburg downtown was very cute. Wish we had more time to spend there.

The next historical stop was also a somber one. We got the chance to stop at the Flight 93 Memorial to visit the crash site of the plane that passengers helped stop from heading to the nation’s capital on September 11th. The visitor center had artifacts and pictures of the passengers and crew who lost their lives. The last picture directly below shows the impact site.






We got to the evening event on the riverfront very early so got our food then decided to head to the hotel next door right after for some pool time. Of course, I happened to have won a raffle the one event we didn’t stay for, and you must be present to win. Lots of people let me know I missed out 😦 oh well.

Pittsburgh is a beautiful city but we are wiped so it’s off to bed for us!





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