Day 6 – Detroit to St. Ignace

Hit another racetrack today! The M1 Concourse in Detroit is still under construction and not open to the public yet, but we were some of the first cars allowed on. There are fancy garages people can rent/buy for their cars in the middle of a windy, obscured shape track. We only got to drive a small portion slowly on our way out but it was still cool. 

There were less twists and turns on our 6 hour drive today and the clouds came and kept us significantly cooler today; it was nice to drive with the top down and not sweat up a storm! The views of Lake Michigan made up for the lack of curves…it is amazing a lake can be that huge. Sadly along the route we discovered that the roads in Michigan are probably the worst condition we have ever seen.

We came through a small town that apparently knew the MINIs were coming from an article in the newspaper. Lots of people were camped out along the road to watch us and wave as we drove by! Our mid day stop prepared for us by giving out free “mini” cupcakes and had made a whole bunch of cute MINI cookies for sale! I was sad to find out they were already sold out of those by the time we got there.

Towards the end of our trip we crossed the Mackinac Bridge (huge bridge!). There is an event there occasionally called MINIs On The Mack where they try to fit record breaking numbers of MINIs on the bridge at once so I was excited to drive over it. It started pouring with rain halfway across the bridge so we had to slow way down to put the top up 😦

No evening event tonight so we grabbed some awesome pizza at a local place and plan to stay in the hotel for some needed rest tonight as the rain is coming down in buckets. I hope tomorrow we escape it!


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