Day 7 – St. Ignace to Green Bay

Nice shorter route today! Only 4.5 hours long.

We had some awesome views of Lake Superior as we headed out of St. Ignace after our morning event (which was held at a hockey arena!) Looking out at the Great Lakes you would think it’s an ocean because you can’t see across it and it’s odd to think about how it’s fresh water. 

First thing in the morning it was a bit too chilly to have the top down, but later the sun poked out enough so we could put it down. Unfortunately we blew the cigarette lighter charger fuse today and had to make a Wal-Mart run to grab some more. It could have been worse though…we saw one MINI broken down on the side of the road. People were on Facebook offering to drop off food and water and give any help they could to the stranded couple, it’s nice to see people care so much about their fellow motorers. No MINI gets left behind!!

Our Surprise stop today was at a snow mobile museum (never thought I would ever go to one of those!) The little shop was full of antique snow mobiles dating since the 60’s and earlier. There was even a Model T with ski’s on the front!

The moment we crossed into Wisconsin was pretty noticeable. Signs for cheese and better paved roads greeted us immediately. Of course Packers fans were also seen everywhere. Our hotel in Green Bay is very near the stadium – wonder how it would go down if I shouted “Go Seahawks!!” out to the street while passing by?

We just got back from the evening event which was held at Titletown Brewery. Lots of food (fresh corn on the cob, yummy) and complimentary beer awaited us as well as an awesome MTTS pint glass. We have been getting to the events pretty early as the lines are insanely huge, especially tonight. I did start attempting to teach Nick some dances such as the Cha Cha Slide, Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle, and the Chicken Dance while waiting in line so he can start dancing with me 😉

It was nice to FaceTime with the pups tonight before bed…I miss them so much! Off to Minnesota tomorrow!


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