Day 8 – Green Bay to Minneapolis

We had quite the entertaining morning event at the Brown County Fairgrounds. Freshly made pancakes were served for breakfast but we did have to work for them – they were flipped high into the air and we were to catch them on our plates. There were some casualty pancakes I am sorry to say.

We started motoring around 8:30. Great day for topless driving! Mostly sunny skies and high of 80 degrees was just about perfect for us and made the 6 hour drive much more pleasant. Our route took us through more cornfields and farms but there was a good mix of twisty roads thrown in. The green rolling hills were pretty and we really didn’t expect to see such scenery in Wisconsin. About 70 miles into the day we stopped for complimentary ice cream at our mid-day stop, which was delicious!

Once we crossed into Minnesota things got even more picturesque with great views of the river.

Our evening event, though taking us 28 minutes from the hotel through downtown Minneapolis (by the way, there are no such things as “lanes” here), actually was a lot of fun. It was in a design market place, which I have no idea how to describe further. You will have to check out the below photo. Tons of various food items (meatloaf on a stick, teriyaki skewers, mini doughnuts, and more) were served, cash bars, a live singer, and characatures! 

Also spent some time chatting with a friend who began the Roadster Owners Club. It is so fun hanging out with people I only ever talk to on Facebook.

That’s about it for tonight, we have quite a journey to the Rise and Shine party tomorrow s0 we are off to bed soon!

Oh, and if you are curious as to exactly how many MINIs are on this trip….here you go:


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