Day 10 – Sioux Falls to Sturgis

Oh man, today was the most interesting day yet…where do I begin.

Our Rise and Shine was held at a convention center and was the normal shindig. Nick and I both won prizes at cornhole which was neat! It was announced this morning that there would be a scavenger hunt today and we had to scan the QR code for the first clue to the next stopping point, where there would be another code. It sure was a great way to get us to detour and see some unique places we would normally pass by.

The first stop was at a sculpture park with really weird but awesome sculptures. Nick and I had some fun taking photos.

We continued on to the next clue and ended up at the Corn Palace. That was a pretty quick stop as there was only a bit to see on the outside. The theme was Rock of Ages.

The third stop was at Al’s Oasis, a fun little shop and restaurant. 

Stop #4 brought us to the 1880’s Town, an adorable 1800’s old west themed fake village. The old houses were actually trucked in and were legit 1800’s cowboy homes! There was a ton to look at in all the buildings and they even offered costume rentals to roam the town in for an even more realistic experience. If it wasn’t so hot out I probably would have done that.

Hey what’s a MINI doing in the old west??

Before the final scavenger hunt stop our journey came across the Badlands. I was pleasantly surprised how cool it really was to drive through! Lots of twisties and great views.

Just outside the Badlands was the final stop before heading towards Rapid City (where our hotel is)…Walls Drug. We heard about how cool it was to go there but didn’t know the magnitude of how much different stuff there was. It was massive! 

By the time our scavenger hunt was completed at the 80 foot dinosaur, we were about 50 miles from the hotel and exhausted. After checking in to the Holiday Inn, that’s when our day really turned interesting.

We noticed some gray clouds coming into Rapid City but didn’t think too much of it. When checking my phone in the room however we saw multiple reports of fellow MINIacs caught in a huge storm near our evening event in Sturgis. There were pics of hail the size of ping pong balls and eggs!! They said do not come to Sturgis yet.

Those of us in Rapid City knew it was coming our way and needed to get our beloved MINIs under shelter as the victims in Sturgis were already reporting damage. Nick and I ended up finding the one parking garage in town while others crammed under hotel awnings and car washes. The lightening and thunder was incredible and was more enjoyable once Luna was protected. Sure enough the hail started up but luckily it was only pea sized when it came by us.

After the storm passed by we finally made our way to Sturgis to join the rest of the group at the Knuckle Saloon; a very typical biker bar in the heart of motorcycle country. It was a fantastic venue with great food and drinks! There is no official morning event tomorrow so they gave us breakfast to bring back to our hotels. 

Excited to see Mt. Rushmore tomorrow! Good night!


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