Day 11 – Sturgis to Cheyenne

Another fantastic day full of bucketlist sights! There was no official Rise and Shine event but we were given free parking passes for Mt. Rushmore last night and everyone arrived when they wanted. Nick and I expected a small pull off area to view the sculptures, boy were we wrong! There was quite a bit to see on the walkway to the viewing point. The monument was truly breathtaking and way more impressive than I expected. A fellow MINIac gave us a “presidential duck” they were handing out (rubber ducks are very popular on the east coast for car clubs). It was fun to snap some shots of the monument with our new duck!

We decided to detour from the route a bit to take a look at another mountain carving – Crazy Horse. While only the face is complete you can really get an idea of the sheer size the finished product will be. Plus they had a statue showing what it will look like. They started quite a number of years ago so I wonder when it will be done? If you don’t know the story behind Crazy Horse it is an interesting read.

Oh yeah, and we were able to take a rock from the blasted mountain home with us!

Now let’s talk about the roads through the Black Hills. Us MINIs had some AWESOME twisties in the hills today near Crazy Horse!!! It was a bummer so many non-MINIs had to drive slowly between us but it was still fun and I think we have some great video footage of it.

It was fun to rev my car in the tunnels 😉

The rest of the drive was pretty typical of this area of the country…dry, hot, flat and brown. But we did have a stop at “Carhenge” in Nebraska. It is basically exactly what the title says:

Yep, totally weird and random yet still intriguing!

We then stopped in a little town for lunch and ended up making new friends! A group of MTTSers from Canada were driving together and pulled in to the restaurant we were going to at the same time so we ended up sitting together. Turns out one of them knew me from Facebook after seeing some of my posts and remembered my last name. The running joke the rest of lunch was that I was the celebrity at the table, haha. Fun bunch of peeps!

Our night event was at Terry Bison Ranch in Cheyenne, where we had delicious BBQ and watched a rodeo! There were bucking broncos, barrel racing and more. And lots of animals to visit (which I loved). I heard someone say the entire ranch covers 40 square miles!

Just a quarter mile down the side road the ranch is on is the state border between Colorado and Wyoming, so we drove down because Nick wants to say he has been in Colorado. There was a sunset photo opp with the Welcome to Wyoming sign.

With that, we are off to bed!


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