Day 12 – Cheyenne to Park City (Salt Lake City)

This will be a shorter blog post as the drive was, expectedly, long and pretty boring. But here goes!

We enjoyed a Rise and Shine in Cheyenne at an old train depot, where we found a very good coffee shop nearby! I had Butter Beer (from Harry Potter) coffee which was yummy.

We were off on the road once again but decided, along with some others, to diverge from the route sheet a bit and take a more scenic road instead of 300 miles of I-80 and we were glad we did! Our detour took us through snowcapped mountains where the temperature dropped quickly. There was a pull off area with awesome views and we snapped some photos from a castle-looking structure. The altitude, we noticed, made us pretty short of breath walking up those stairs!

Eventually we ended up back on the interstate and stayed on it the rest of the way to get to our hotel quicker. There were a few photo worthy opportunities and we motored with the MTTS bus and corporate MINIs for a bit (did I mention some MINI executives are driving with us?)

Finally we made it to Salt Lake City (104 hot degrees) and hung out near the hotel for the night. There was an evening event going on but it was 45 minutes away, no dinner provided this time and they are just playing a movie so we decided to skip it and instead wash the car, get dinner and facetime with the puppies. Plus we want to feel refreshed for another long journey in the desert tomorrow. So excited to get to Vegas!!

Oh, for the record I have been trying to use sunscreen for all this topless driving. But it still did not prevent a second degree burn on my shoulder 😦 


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