Day 13 – Park City to Las Vegas

*disclaimer: I am writing this the morning after our night in Vegas because for some reason data and Wifi would not work last night

Viva Las Vegas! 

We watched an awesome show at our morning event. It was at Rocky Mountain Raceways and they brought in a jet engine car, which they used to basically disintegrate an old car (it was shooting flames and everything!)

The drive through the canyons and the desert was, for the most part, long and boring but there were a few scenic portions. Watching the temperatures climb was intense – how do people live out here?! We couldn’t help but keep on hoping Luna’s AC would not give out. Once we started entering Vegas our excitement started to build.

It was difficult to only be in Vegas for a total of 15 hours but we made the most of our time. After dinner at the Luxor steakhouse (where we are staying) and our traditional tall drinks we saw Blue Man Group. I had seen them before but I knew Nick would really love the show, and of course he did. Best part of the show is how messy it is!

Our room at the hotel is pretty awesome…it makes me even more sad to be leaving.

We get to all parade down the strip this morning which will make for great pictures and video! Then it is onward to our last drive on MTTS.


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