Day 14 – Las Vegas to Palm Springs

It is HOT today! Our temperature reading in Luna officially hit 120 degrees. Even now, at 9 PM it is well over 100.

The Rise and Shine was pretty brutal early this morning. It was 95 degrees at 7 AM when we all met up in the University of Nevada parking lot with absolutely no shade. I was pretty eager to get in the car and crank the AC. We had a chance to drive down the entire Strip on our way out of town and I demanded we have the top down for it, no matter how unbearable. 

Once we got to a gas station we did put the top up to enjoy some cool air for the next 6 hours.

I was prepared for a boring drive but it was actually an amazing route. The route sheet took us down historic Route 66 on some really narrow, windy intense roads which were rough and bumpy on my little car but so cool. Who knew the desert could be fun?! Plus we drove through a town that has donkies walking in the street!

For most of the day we motored with a friend who writes up MINI news for That MINI Show (check em on Facebook). It was nice to have someone to chat with on the radio during the drive.

We finally came into Palm Springs and our very interesting hotel (seriously…yellow walls, purple carpet and a bright orange bathroom) but shortly after checking in had to head over to our evening event. The Palm Springs Air Museum was full of old war planes, most of which can still fly. Although it is neat having a party in an airplane hanger it was very hot and stuffy inside! But we toughed it out to hang out with friends, eat great food and look at all the planes. Luna got to get some pictures taken with some of the planes.

Tomorrow morning is our final send off of MTTS then we begin the journey home. I will write more tomorrow about final thoughts but for now we are getting some rest. We will only have a couple hours of driving tomorrow then we are stopping at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (I am sooooo stoked!)


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