The Trip Home

Well we made it home. Thought I would write up a quick summary of our long and lonely trip home.

After the MTTS final goodbye we headed to Universal Studios. I have been longing to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for soooo long so it was exciting to spend most of our day there. We drank butterbeer, got our own wands and walked around in robes 😉 our costumes even got us to the front of the line on a ride!

The following day we started the long trek up the 101/1 on the cali coast. I was bummed as it was all fogged in. But the road was full of hundreds of miles of twists and hairpin turns – what our MINI are made for! I think Nick was getting a bit car sick by the end. Oh, and we saw elephant seals!

Our stop for the night was just outside San Francisco. Which made our next morning convenient as I wanted to drive down Lombard Street in the city and visit the Golden Gate Bridge. After these photo opps we continued along the coast, and this time it cleared up so we got great views! Even got to stop at a beach and put our toes in the sand.

The next leg took us to Gold Beach, Oregon by way of the Redwoods (yes, we did drive through a tree). This was one of the most exhausting and long days and we were ready to get to the hotel. It was a gorgeous room and we left our glass doors open all night to listen to the waves.

Tuesday, July 26th we were officially done with hotels and were on our way home! Another long day with mostly boring interstate roads. It was an awesome feeling pulling into our driveway and coming inside to some very excited pups! So nice holding my little Mo again, I didn’t want to let him go! 

It’s now time to get back to reality – we have a wedding to plan! Enjoy some photos of the remainder of the trip..


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